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Shakkei cover summer 2022

Latest edition: Summer 2022

Articles in this edition include:
The Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens of Tramore, Ireland
Zöki-no-niwa growing plants in a modern Japanese way
Zöki-no-niwa: Woodland Gardens, Japanese style
The Secret Life of Sharawadgi
The Bréguières Mediterranean & Japanese-style garden
Of Arcs and Circles: Insights from Japan on
Gardens, Nature, and Art – Book Review
A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Tea – Book Review

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Mitate-Mono 2 As well as looking through Architectural antiques yards for decorative objects I have also been on the search for materials for hard landscape- for walls, stepping stones and

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Mitate Mono1 In this blog I will return again and again to what we refer to in the West as aesthetics.  Just as in Japanese it is difficult to translate

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Developing a narrative

Developing a Narrative Every aspect of gardening is a form of deception. With plants. paths, stone and water the gardener contrives to tell a story of time and space in

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