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Shakkei journal cover showing Japanese garden with large pond and trees

Latest edition: Summer 2024

Articles in this edition include:

An interview with Landscape Designer Enzo (Satoru Tabata).

Adapting Japanese Gardens for the Future:

Adapting to Change: Enhancing Urban Green Spaces
Resilience to Climate Shifts through Strategic Tree Planting and Ecosystem Modelling.
The Adaptation of What? Japanese Gardens and the West.

Visitor safety in Japanese gardens.

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JGS Blog posts

A view showing beautiful moorland from the shelter

A Japanese shelter

A place to sit, drink tea and read verse A place to sit, drink tea and read verseIf you live in beautiful scenery, you really need a place to admire

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Planting 2

In the last post I described how difficult it is to grow some of the traditional plants of a  Japanese garden in my garden – especially Acer Japonicum which  dislikes

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Planting 2022

I start to plant a garden. The summer of 2022 was not the best of times for planting. In June the moor was beleaguered by a cold desiccating east wind

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