JGS Bursaries

Bursaries in the form of a grant of up to £1000 per applicant are available to assist towards meeting the whole cost, or contribute part of the cost, of attending an appropriate educational programme in the UK or abroad.

Bursary application form  see below for further details

The bursary may be used to contribute to travel, accommodation and/or course fee costs and must assist in acquiring new or additional knowledge and skills in Japanese garden design, and / or construction, and / or maintenance.
JGS bursaries are primarily to enable UK landscapers / gardeners / apprentices or trainees in horticulture/garden design to undertake a relevant course of study, or supervised work experience, so that they can acquire or enhance their Japanese garden related skills.
Several other organisations offer bursaries which may provide additional financial support including:
Royal Horticultural Society & Chartered Institute of Horticulture 
Other useful resources can be found on the Plant network website.
Previous recipients of the JGS bursary have been able to use the grant to enable them to participate in Professional Training Seminars at the Portland Japanese Garden in USA or undertake a work experience programme in a notable garden in Japan.
During current limitations for international travel the JGS will also consider supporting a broader range of training opportunities. For example, to cover travel and accommodation costs to enable a period of work experience in a UK Japanese garden or for the applicant to attend relevant face-to-face, or virtual, educational events.
Background and Purpose
In pursuit of our charitable aims the Japanese Garden Society is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of educational bursaries.
We seek to support the development of greater expertise among the UK gardening community in the care and maintenance of Japanese gardens, especially those open to the public.
The Society recognises that currently there is a lack of suitable formal training, leading to a skills shortage among existing gardening staff.
The bursaries are targeted towards improving knowledge and skills, particularly amongst younger gardeners, and increasing the level of expertise to that needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of Japanese gardens in the UK.
We ask that successful applicants agree to share their learning and skills with others in the UK (providing evidence of this to: chair@jgs.org.uk).
Examples could include: write an article, including relevant high quality photographs, suitable for publication in Shakkei (please contact editor@jgs.org.uk for a guide to authors); give a talk (or talks) at the Society’s national and/ or regional meetings provide short illustrated news articles for the JGS website or social media pages

Bursaries are primarily intended for UK residents who are either: working in, or associated with, a Japanese garden in the UK; following a gardening-related course of study / training and who are intending to pursue future work with an emphasis on Japanese gardens / garden design.
Application Conditions and Criteria
Applicants are required to: provide full details & project plan (if appropriate) with a detailed budget; confirm that an education partner/ work experience host is in agreement (letter required) and/or details of the educational event; demonstrate the extent to which the experience will enhance their own knowledge of Japanese garden design and skills how they will apply/use them on their return to the benefit of the wider UK Japanese garden community.

Application Process
Using the bursary application form send your application by email to enquiries@jgs.org.uk.
Applications will be considered throughout the year and results will be announced within 6 weeks of the submission date. We regret that we cannot make retrospective awards.
Payment will be made in advance of applicants undertaking their Educational Programme.

The Garden Network

One of the objectives of the Japanese Garden society is to facilitate  the maintenance of Japanese gardens. As the popularity of Japanese culture continues to rise, we have reached the ideal moment to revitalise the understanding, care and maintenance of Japanese gardens in the UK. 
The Garden Network is a collective of Professional gardeners in the UK who by sharing skills aim to:

  • Strengthen the community of professionals caring for Japanese gardens
  • Develop an awareness of the specialist skills required
  • Identify common concerns and challenges
  • Create future plans to ensure the sustainability of these gardens