JGS Built gardens

The JGS has  been responsible for designing and constructing a number of gardens throughout the country. We have built gardens in hospitals and hospices, nursing homes, parks, academic centres, cathedral and a cemetery.
Our skills and knowledge of Japanese gardens has been recognised by the Japanese Embassy with three of our members receiving awards for their contribution to the understanding of Japanese gardens.

Members' gardens

Many of our members have built their own Japanese style gardens at home. 
These gardens are often opened for organised visits by society members who can enjoy the fruits of others labours and gain helpful advice on building their own garden.


The JGS has been  involved in the restoration of a number of historic gardens around the country. This has often been in partnership with the garden’s owners.
Examples can be seen at Tatton Park Cheshire, Valley Gardens Harrogate, National Botanic Garden of Wales and Danescourt Cemetery, Wolverhampton


In addition to involvement with the design and construction of gardens, in many instances JGS members carry out routine maintenance.
From time to time we hold  maintenance workshops at a number of gardens around the country. This gives our members a chance to work on an established Japanese garden, develop skills and contribute to the garden’s general welfare.

Show gardens

We have a long history of making show gardens to further our aims of teaching people about Japanese Gardens.
We have exhibited at RHS Chelsea, RHS Tatton and RHS Hampton Court and have been awarded several medals including a Gold at both Chelsea and Tatton.